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4 Week Booty Building Video Course

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Secretly, no one likes those big fake booties. They just don't look real (yes, dudes also think this). What people really love and RESPECT is a girl with a natural booty. 

Yeah yeah, we all know that girl who eats Doritos all day and It all just goes to her perfectly shaped 🍑 which aggravates us all...

BUT... what if we told you that YOU can get your behind to look just like that? Sounds like a pipe dream... but its simple really.

With a correct exercise strategy, you can sculpt that booty exactly how you want it. And yes, the good things in life take time.... BUT.

Our 4 week booty building video course lead by our Chief Booty Officer, Jess, is designed to jump start your booty building and give you noticeable results that even your mom will comment on (sounds crazy right?)

Contrary to popular belief, you can't just do Donkey Kicks a couple times a week and get the booty you want. You need to mix & match a whole bunch of different (very simple) workouts over the 4 weeks to achieve your goals.

Thats where we come in. We want to do everything we can to empower you and help you achieve the goals you desire. With this course, if you take action and simply follow the steps given, we can guarantee you'll see incredible changes!